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High-Efficiency Furnace Upgrades with RPR

RPR Heating and Air Conditioning excels in the installation of high-efficiency furnaces, providing precise sizing, efficient installation, ongoing maintenance, and environmentally conscious solutions. With a personalized approach and transparent communication, RPR ensures customers receive top-tier service, energy savings, and lasting comfort with their new furnace.

Best Upgrade For: Older, inefficient gas furnaces.


Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a New Furnace

When purchasing a new furnace, there are many aspects to consider. The team at RPR Heating will explain your options and help you make the best decision for your home.

Size and Heating Capacity

Ensure the furnace’s heating capacity matches the size of your home. An undersized or oversized furnace can lead to inefficiency, discomfort, and increased energy costs. Did you know? The vast majority of furnaces installed in the Okanagan are oversized by up to 40%.

Constant Air-Flow Blower Motor

Opt for a furnace with a constant air-flow blower motor. This feature adjusts the speed based on heating demands, providing consistent temperatures and better energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency (AFUE Rating)

Look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, which indicates the furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to heat. Higher AFUE ratings signify greater efficiency.

Programmable Thermostat Capability

Ensure compatibility with programmable thermostats for better control over temperature settings, schedules, and energy savings.

Ductwork Upgrades

Adjustments and upgrades to ductwork are frequently required to accommodate new high-efficiency equipment. Neglecting this can substantially reduce the equipment’s efficiency, leading to increased noise, higher energy bills, reduced comfort, and a shorter lifespan for your equipment. Be sure to select a contractor who understands the importance of integrating the entire HVAC system, as the majority of ducting systems in Okanagan homes were designed for low to mid-efficient heating applications. Ensuring a home has proper ductwork is equally, if not more important, than choosing high SEER and AFUE rated equipment to ensure that all manufacturer specifications are met.

Quiet Operation

Look to install a larger (thicker) filter and replace ineffective ductwork drops/fittings to greatly reduce the furnace noise level. New equipment will often be noisier than the existing equipment if these issues are not also rectified, due to higher air volume requirements of high-efficient systems.

Warranty Coverage

Ensure you are checking the manufacturer’s warranty for coverage on parts, and any limitations or exclusions. Look for equipment that offers extended labour warranty, or matches parts warranty, for ultimate peace of mind.

Air Quality Features

If you or your family experiences respiratory concerns, choosing the correct heating equipment is imperative to allow for the increased air restriction of air quality devices. Ensure ductwork modifications are made to accommodate these features.

Installation by Certified Professionals

Ensure you are working with a contractor who holds all valid HVAC certifications required to ensure your system has the most professional installation possible. This is crucial for the furnace’s performance, efficiency, and safety. Ensure you receive a commissioning checklist for peace of mind that the furnace was installed within the correct specifications. Also ensure that you receive a copy of the gas permit that was pulled, as these are always required when a furnace is replaced.

Different Stages

A one-stage furnace simply turns on or off, and while turned on does not automatically modulate in any form. Furnaces with two-stage gas valves operate at a lower capacity most of the time, providing quieter and more efficient heating. They switch to high capacity only when required by your home’s heating demand. Modulating furnaces take it up a step, and continually adjust the amount of heat they produce. These furnaces use sophisticated technology to modulate the flame and gas valve, allowing them to match the exact heating requirements at any given moment.

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