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Penticton’s Ductless Heating and Cooling Solution

Byrant® Single Zone Systems

Byrant® Single Zone Systems

Single zone systems are perfect for addressing comfort issues in a concentrated place in your home, such as hot and cold spots or rooms without pre-existing ductwork. Want to make your three-seasons room an all-seasons room? No problem. Want to cool the heat in the kitchen or heat up a cool garage? These systems can handle that, too. For targeted heating and cooling needs, look no further than the Bryant Ductless Single Zone systems.

Multi-Zone Systems

Multi-zone ductless systems are perfect for delivering heating and cooling comfort to multiple areas throughout your home. Since the outdoor unit of the system is able to power up to 9 indoor units depending on the system, you’ll enjoy specialized, full power comfort all year round. These systems are efficient, quiet, and operate unobtrusively within almost any room in your home.


LG Single Zone


LG’s residential duct-free systems include single zone and multi zone systems that will please both your wallet and your conscience, as they are energy efficient and therefore environmentally friendly.

Single Zone

Not only are LG Duct-Free Split single zone systems effective and energy-efficient, but they’re attractive, as well. An outdoor unit works with the indoor unit (available in many styles), providing air conditioning for the ductless areas of your home.

Multi Zone

When you need heating or cooling for one to eight ductless spaces in your home, multi zone heat pump systems from LG offer a solution. Choose from a range of indoor units with a variety of possible configurations, from non-ducted to all-ducted – or both.



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